9.1999 The band(by the named of DragonHeart) was formed by Herman in London
  After a while, drummer Matej Setinc left the band
4-5. 2000 Valley Of The Damned (demo) was recorded
6. 2000 Valley Of The Damned(demo), download started on MP3.com. then recorded plenty of download, at the same time its CD was sold, it became No1 CD of the metal chart on the website.
7. 2000 Didier joined the band as a drummer
29/10 2000 Their first show in London               
-11. 2000 Bassist Steve Scott was asked to leave the band, replace by bassist Diccon Harper. Keyboardist Steve Williams parted ways with the band because he was unable to play live.
12. 2000 Tour/shows with STRATOVARIUS, HALFORD as an opening act
1-5. 2001 The band recorded 2 more DEMOS with the songs Black Fire, Where Dragons Rule, Land of Desire(now call Evening Star), Heart of a Dragon for Sanctuary/Noise Records.
3.6.10. 2001 Headliner shows in UK
7. 2001 Vadim joined the band as a keyboardist
12. 2001 The band changed their name as DragonForce. Due to there are same name band in Brazil and cinema
26/3 2002 Bassist Diccon left the band.
After a year & half negotiation, the band made a deal with
Sanctuary/Noise Records
5-10. 2002     Debut album recorded. The band appointed Karl Groom(from Threshold) & Tommy Hansen(he is known his job with Helloween) as advisers
6. 2002 shows with Versin steele as an opening act.
Adrian Lambert played bass as a session player.
20/1. 2003 Debut album "Valley Of The Damned " released in Europe.
5. 2003 First over sea show in Germany.
Valley Of The Damned" released in Japan(17 May)
played at the festival in Spain 24 May.
6.8. 2003 Drummer Didier left the band 2 days before Sweden Rock show. Bassist Adrian became a permanent member.
played at some festivals 6 June
Sweden rock Festival (Sweden) with a fan as drummer,  30 Aug. Bloodstock (UK) 
10-12. 2003     2nd album recorded.
1.2. 2004 Drummer Dave Mackintosh became a permanent member.
Valley of the damned Asia Tour

Headliner show in Bangkok, First Japan tour with
Twilightning (from Finland) as an opening act of German legend HELLOWEEN
Herman's Guitar clinic in Taiwan.
2. 2004 The last show belong to "Valley Of The Damned" include their 2nd album pre-release show in London (Guest: Heavenly from France). It was SOLD OUT!
3. 2004 2nd album "Sonic Firestorm"  released in Japan (24 March)
4. 2004 "Sonic Firestorm"  released in Europe (29 April)
5. 2004 "Sonic Firestorm over Europe tour as a guest of W.A.S.P. (with Dyecrest from Finland)" started from UK, it was a month & half, the most long tour for the band!
"Sonic Firestorm" released in rest of the world.
6. 2004 Dave dislocated arm in bus accident. The band played usuing recorded drum tracks for last 2 shows with W.A.S.P.
7. 2004 Herman missed his flight to Sweden, the band had to play without him for the first time at Gates of metal festival.
9. 2004 Dave has signed a pro artist deal with Paiste cymbals & uses Pintech e-drums. He appeared at the Drummer Live Exhibition(25-26th Sept. in Wembley London UK)  
9-10. 2004 Headliner tour in UK , plus special guest The Renegade Playboys (11 shows) 
11. 2004 Their first show in Slovakia
2. 2005 Their first shows in Greece, support for Angra

5-7.2005 The band played at some festivals in Europe, supporting for Iron Maiden 
7. 2005 Herman won "Best shredder young guitarist award"at the Metal Hammer(a UK magazine) Golden Gods award.
9-10. 2005 Headliner tour in UK & Ireland support by Mendeed (16 shows) 
10. 2005 Bassist Adrian Lambert left the band. Instead of him, Frederic Leclercq (ex:Heavenly)plays temporarily.
11. 2005 First shows in Canada and US. Tickets of the US show were sold out for 1 day! But due to unforeseen circumstances the band had to cancelled the show in US.
12. 2005 Second visit to Japan with the show named "Inhuman Rampage premier live"
1. 2006 3rd Album "Inhuman Rampage" will be released
1-3. 2006 Tour in UK and Mainland of Europe, support by/of Edguy

The band became famouse worldwide with their 3rd album"Inhuman Rampage"
So their history after that time, you can check it yourself on Wikipedia etc...