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Thank you for visiting my website & this page. Here is a page that various kinds of topics, of cource about DragonForce or whole music and so on.


<After the promotional tour in Japan / Dec. 2005 >

"It's all over......"
This is the first word hit in my head (it has good meaning). In fact there were some bad opinions about their last shows in Japan. So this show was very important indeed for the Band's future in here. I hope strongly they show them a thing or two.
But my first worry was the term of annoucement. It had about a month only though sales of ticket was well, I was relieved.

They played well and certainly showed their growth and ability for the fans and the media in Japan. The show was not bad though it was not enough for me because of less energy than the usual. For example there were sometimes I cried for their cool show but I didn't cry this time.
Don't worry, this is just my opinion. Fortunately I can hear that people say good words. However I know the band can do
much more amazing show! Then I hope they show that next time.

Now I am in a mode of relax, satisfaction and emptiness with a little tiredness. But this is not a goal, new start has begun from here.
After all this promotional tour, in particular the show, was
really worthwhile. The band has been growing for both about shows and manegement. It makes me pleased, I'm really happy that I believe them and I have been a fan. I still keep expectations then would like to support them! (But until when I lose interest. Never let me do that DragonForce, hehehe.)
Thank you so much indeed for coming back to Japan, GOOD LUCK!!


<Coming back to Japan / Nov. 2005 >

It's scheduled on 6th of December 2005! Congraturations and thanks, DragonForce!
The word like "my heart is full to overflowing on the news" is the word when I should use in case like this but even now
I can't believe and imagine that they play here in Japan, my country!

I estublished this site last year, have seen their show in abroad so many times with my thought that "I go when they don't come here". Then I've been seeing their growth through my own eyes.
Honestly there were times I thoght closing this site from my personal reasons but every time I though about next show in Japan then continued. So how much I was longing this coming back!?

Each people have each opinion about enjoying the show, but DF are DF. I hope their best show ever here in Japan. Thank you again and see you soon!


<Motive for make this website / Apr. 2004 >

Stronge impression ! Potential ! Expectations ! These are simple and big reasons I made this site.

I've seen DragonForce show as an opening act for Helloween at 31th Jan. 2004 in Fukuoka Japan for the first time. Then the first impression was "w.w.w..what are they?!" LoL ! They had been moving around all over on the stage very well anyway! And Put a can of beer on microphone stand! etc... It was enough I have interest about them.
When I saw a metal show (It was Helloween) for the first time, I've got great shock, so DragonForce also gave me shock as much as it.

Surely, there were no problems both sound and stage move I didn't think so, but are there any bands like them until now? They've just started their career as a band, they should try and gain experience in many ways. As a result sometime if they fail or go the long way, it's OK right now. Using them as a stepping-stone, then how becoming they are? It's very interesting for me anyway. Now I'd like to have been seeing the process with them.

So it hit me that making this site but I had 3 big problems.

1st, is there significance to do it? Because there is the substantial official site and forum. Then I thought about something new contents,"Setlist&report", "Special", "chanological table on History page", "Gallery" and written in Japanese pages.

2nd problem is that which is the best way to write, in English or Japanese? There are few news about them written in japanese, why? Then I tried to do it. Shred said "your site will be the 1st Japanese site for DragonForce", it has been a big worthwhile. Therefor this site include written in japanese pages though, it's not enough for a purpose then I decided to write in English mainly.

The last problem is a name of the site. At first I had 15 or more ideas finally "Once In A Lifetime" was chosen. The reason is I like its positive lyrics of chorus. So this moment is once in a lifetime actually, and I never wanted to repent without trying to make it. i thought "When shall I do that if I don't do that right now?" But I said to myself "How do I make it? What's HTML or tag?" .
In fact I didn't know them at all though I was able to!!
DragonForce = a marvelous prime mover !!

At last, thank you for reading my opinion.
I hope you'll let me ask a favor of you again sometime.

I'm pleased if you give me your impression or something. Thank you again.